Tijuana Orthopedic Center (TOC) is a facilitator of a wide range of orthopedic procedures in the Mexican border town of Tijuana. Part of a leading medical tourism company which has served thousands of clients from North America, Europe, Asia and Africa for more than seven years now, we at TOC are sentient of the level of care patients seek away from their home country. We endeavor to make it a highly satisfying experience for them.

We strive to provide comprehensive information on bone and joint procedures and also the means of gaining access to them. The thought of traveling outside your home country for surgery, even if it means just crossing the border to a place like Tijuana, can be an intimidating one. We are well-aware of your apprehensions of getting treated in a foreign land, and will provide you solutions to have a satisfying trip for surgery.

One instance of helping you have a hassle-free trip is our association with an English-speaking orthopedic surgeon to make sure you don’t run into any language barriers.  He is a top name in the field of orthopedics with an illustrious career spanning over 30 years. As facilitating quality orthopedic procedure is  the hallmark of our services, we work with surgery centers and hospitals that are in line with global quality standards and sterilization practices.

We are your one-stop online portal for bone and joint surgery in Tijuana, and provide highly customized solutions tailored to your needs. For this purpose we assign a case manager to you right from the time you contact us the first time. We provide comprehensive information to help you take an informed decision. Expect to have all your queries answered to your satisfaction before you embark on your medical journey.

Please note that we are not medical practitioners or advisors. We are facilitators of high-user value information on orthopedic treatments and trip to Tijuana for your surgery. We recommend you carry out your own research before making a decision based on the information furnished by us.