Ankle Fusion in Tijuana – Mexico for $4,950 only*

Ankle Fusion in Tijuana - MexicoDegenerative arthritis may take a toll on the ankle joints by wearing them out. The pain and discomfort caused by it may be relieved by an ankle fusion surgery.

Ankle fusion in Tijuana – Mexico is now available at a well-equipped surgery center for a minuscule percentage of the American prices.

What is Ankle Fusion?

  • A more common name for ankle arthrodesis, ankle fusion surgically relieves the pain and discomfort caused by degeneration of the cartilage covering the ankle joint.
  • It involves fusing the ankle bones together to form one single bone.
  • This helps by eliminating motion and alleviating pain caused by degenerative arthritis.
  • Ankle fusion is more commonly performed than ankle replacement as it is less restrictive in terms of normal activities you can carry out as you recover than the latter.
  • Ankle arthrodesis, as it is alternatively known, involves making an incision on the front side of the ankle.
  • In case of insufficient bone, a bone graft may be taken from the pelvic region or the knees.
  • The ankle joint may also be accessed in a minimally invasive manner using an arthroscope.
  • The surgeon will scuff off whatever remains of the cartilage and secure the ankle in position for fusion using screws and plates.
  • The cuts made in the ankle will then be sutured back and your ankle will be put in a cast or plastic boots to shield the fusion.

Who may need surgery?

You may be a candidate for ankle fusion surgery if the following are not helping you get relief from pain:

  • Pain medications
  • Injecting steroids into the affected joints
  • Walking aids and special braces which restrict motion
  • Specially designed shoes

Contraindications to Ankle Fusion

You will have to avoid ankle fusion surgery if:

  • There is insufficient bone available for fusion procedure
  • Any illness that interferes with recovery
  • Extreme cases of deformity in the legs
  • Medical conditions that would increase the risk of anesthetics

Why Tijuana?

Sunny Tijuana - MexicoAnkle fusion in Tijuana – Mexico is a good option for those considering traveling to the Mexican border town close to San Diego to circumvent the high surgical costs back home. Some of the advantages of having your surgery here:

  • The Best Orthopedic Surgeon in Mexico: Your ankle fusion surgery will be performed by one of the highly experienced bone and joint surgeons in Mexico. The orthopedic specialist has more than 30 years of experience and is an international member of the American Association of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS).
  • Savings: Our highly affordable package price for ankle fusion in Tijuana @ $4,950* is a lot lower than the prices charged in the United States and Canada. (*Note – prices mentioned may be altered without any notification; contact us for the latest prices and package details.)
  • Convenience: Tijuana is a border city in Baja California less than twenty miles from San Diego. With the San Diego International Airport (IATA: SAN) just about twenty minutes away, you can easily get there without spending much on travel.
  • Comprehensive Services: We at Tijuana Orthopedic Center give utmost importance to patient convenience and hence offer a wide range of services which ensures you have a hassle-free medical trip south of the border. Right from setting up your surgery date at the earliest possible, assisting you with travel documents, ensuring you have a comfortable stay at a well-appointed hotel room for special tariffs (@$70-100 per night), to arranging your pick-up and drop, we ensure you have the best of the experience.

Number of Days Required in Tijuana

  • Arrival – One day prior to your surgery
  • Surgery and follow-up – 1-2 days

Total recommended stay: 3-4 days


Contact us through the quote-form on the right for more information on ankle bone joint fusion surgery in Mexico close to the US-border.

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